One Platform For All

Invite Team

International shipping needs multiple party collaboration and it has been a challenge ever since. Invite all your stack holders even your suppliers and let everybody gets connected over the same platform.
Boxnbiz Technology Solution

Instant Rates

No more emails and followups to get a freight quote. Procure your freight rates from our global pricing desk at your fingertips. Its fast, simple and always cheap.
Boxnbiz Technology Solution


Now booking a freight consignment is as simple as booking a cab. It puts your supply chain on autopilot as soon as booking placed. Have a track of all your bookings and daily activities on a centralized platform.
Boxnbiz Technology Solution

Collaborate & Track

We simplify communication and tracking using technology. Stay connected and collaborate with stack holders on a real-time basis. Chat, Track, and Operate within no time.
Boxnbiz Technology Solution

Billing & Reconciliation

With visibility into invoices layered with automated reverse auditing system, we eliminate billing errors and help the users in the faster reconciliation process.
Boxnbiz Technology Solution


Make your transactions fast and efficient. The easiest way to accept, process and disburse digital payments for businesses. We make it easier for you to focus on moving your freight globally while we work on simplifying your payments.
Boxnbiz Technology Solution
Grow your business with us, start your first digital shipping experience today!