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Boxnbiz - A story in making

Global shipping is still a paper-driven industry with few interventions from cloud-based software tools. Businesses, freight forwarders, and shippers still connect with phones or emails and have no way of reconciling rates. Imagine how an Oyo Rooms for the shipping industry could change the way logistics rates are discovered.

This is what Biplob Barik and Ricky Goyal envisaged, and they created Boxnbiz, a two-year-old startup that has enabled the logistics ecosystem on the shipping side to discover original and dynamic pricing.

Biplob, 27, and Ricky, 26, met during their graduation in 2009 and became good friends while they were preparing for their post-graduate exams. They joined a master’s programme in business administration in Pune.

“At the time we always used to discuss about startups, but the real twist came when we came to Bengaluru to join work in 2011,” Biplob says.

Biplob was picked up by Allcargo Logistics, one of the largest less than container load consolidators in the world, while Ricky was placed in Oracle Financial Services.

Boxnbiz Story

Genesis of the idea

The idea of Boxnbiz was born during Biplob’s service in Allcargo.

“I found that the shipping industry is still manual and opaque. The entire supply chain in international shipping is handled by multiple agents and continues to be operated over emails, fax, and paper, which makes the information systems complex,” Biplob says.

On one hand, shippers struggle to find the right service experience; on the other, freight forwards have to struggle to increase sales and maintaining customer service. All the paperwork means it is not an efficient way of figuring out profitable business routes and transactions.

Mission and vision

Boxnbiz is in the mission of fixing the broken user experience in the global shipping industry. The company truly believes that with the right combination of expertise & technology international shipping could be made more simple and easy to go.

With that in mind, the company has a sole vision of making shipping processes more automated, frictionless & data-driven so that anyone in the world could trade from a single click of a button.

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