Service Philosophy

Boxnbiz Service Philosophy

Excellent customer service is the number one job at Boxnbiz. Our robust tech infrastructure, passionate team, and demand vs involvement philosophy makes us stand out in the competition.

We are a core believer of dependency vs the involvement philosophy. Since dependency is inversely proportional to involvement of customer, we always try to reduce the involvement time of our customers in logistics operations.

Boxnbiz Service Philosophy

In order to do so, we blend technology and supply chain operations with 3rd party data sources. This results in the automation of most of the repetitive activities. To understand this more better let’s take an example of tracking & exception alert facility.

In traditional forwarding methods, a shipper has to call or email its freight forwarder to ask for shipment updates, in such scenario because the shipment has not been broken into KPI’s and there is no system to manage KPI’s it becomes highly difficult for forwarders to update client time to time with real time information. Being a human dependent activities & lot of manual operations the shipping experience falls very badly.

In Boxnbiz case all our shipments are broken in to KPI’s & task allocation based method, integrated with 3rd party data sources for tracking the consignment. All these, when blended together over a layer of technology, customer gets real time exception alert. These alerts are generally populated to them by SMS or email.


Since information is beforehand and handy, no need for shippers to send followup email and make calls.

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